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NUIT BLANCHE by DELUXE - extrait impro live captée par LeSpectateur.fr
Paroles et musique : Denis AGRANIER & Jean-Noël LEQUIER
Réalisation : Jean-Christophe Buchot
Production 2011 © Temps Privé

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"Ride along Sally" by DELUXE,
Paroles et musique Denis Agranier
Info : contact@deluxedeluxe.fr

Clip vidéo pour le groupe Deluxe
Réalisation LeSpectateur.fr

Production 2011 © Temps Privé


Ride along sally, ride along Sally,
Riding on your pony’s sure to make you happy
Ride along sally, ride along Sally,
Riding on your Pony’s sure to make you glad.

Sally’s a pretty girl, she likes to ride,
But she don’t ride a donkey ‘cause it goes too slow
She likes it when my pony goes into a stride,
She climbs on my pony, now she’s ready to go

Pony jumps the fence, Sally gets in a trance,
Moves up and down and she hangs on tight
With her hair in her face like she was in a trance
Nobody can catch her ‘cause she’s riding so high

Well little Sally’s gonna ride up the hill
Ride and ride and ride till she gets her fill
Ride all the way, ride ‘till she gets there
Gonna ride and ride and ride until the end of the day

Paroles et musique : Denis Agranier